Announcing the New Breakers Black Program

We’re thrilled to launch the new Breakers Black program for age groups U8 and older! Breakers Black is focused on accelerating our players’ development to prepare them for play at the next levels of high school and college, as well as participation in the Olympic Development Program (ODP), and Player Development Program (PDP). Breakers Black brings together top players to provide a continuous training program from August to June.

Breakers Black is a unique addition to the Breakers culture. Our Breakers Purple and White teams will continue to ensure our players learn the fundamentals, develop into creative players and build a lasting passion for the game, and now Breakers Black adds the level of structure and commitment needed to bring players to an even higher level of development.

If you have any additional questions about the Breakers Black program please email

Evaluation of players for Breakers Black will take place at the upcoming Breakers Tryouts this May 12, 19 and 20 at Red Hill in San Anselmo. During the season additional players may be selected to join Breakers Black based on their development and commitment.

Breakers Black includes the following:

  • Fall – A 3rd training day. Breakers teams typically practice 2x per week. Members of Breakers Black will practice 3x per week during the fall season (Aug through Dec). This segment will consist of approximately 16 sessions.
  • Winter – 8 indoor futsal-style training sessions. Breakers has long been a proponent of futsal. During the Jan to Mid-Mar futsal season Breakers Black will host indoor practice sessions that focus on footwork, ball control and futsal-specific game strategies.
  • Winter/Spring – 2 Tournaments. Teams will have the option to participate in 2 travel tournaments between Jan and Apr. Target locations are San Diego, LA and Portland. For older teams college showcases will be included.
  • Spring – Breakers Black Spring Academy. Scheduled to coincide with Spring League games, Breakers Black will host several training sessions each week from Mid-March through early June. Players may choose from whichever sessions best match their schedule, up to 16.
  • Year Round – Player Analytics and Scorecards. The new Breakers Player Development Analytics (PDA) quantifies and scores player development throughout the year, tailored to each age and team. Every 6 weeks players are measured according to several criteria including ball control, 1v1 results, agility, and speed. Players will be able to access their charts to monitor their progress through the season. And coaches will provide players with specific programs they can follow on their own.

The Passion for High Level Play

The Breakers Black program stays true to the core Breakers philosophy. While developing players for high level competition, Breakers Black will ensure we’re always inspiring players with a passion for the game, encouraging fearless, creative play above “cog-in-the-wheel” approaches, and staying flexible to enable players to play multiple sports and other activities. We believe the Breakers Black methodology will keep your player excited to get on the pitch to train hard and play high level soccer without burning out.

Team Black & Individual Black

There are two flavors of Breakers Black – Team and Individual. Breakers Black Team is where an entire team has players qualified to participate at the Black level. This is expected to be older teams (U11 and older) where many players have already mastered many of the fundamentals. Breakers Black Individual opens the opportunity for individuals from any Breakers team to be offered the chance to participate in the added training. These players practice and compete with their regular Breakers team but join the other Breakers Black players for their additional training sessions. For players participating in Individual and Team Black, we will seek out opportunities for them to play with other high-level teams in additional tournaments as “guest players”. Qualified players from other local clubs in the Bay Area will also be invited on occasion to “guest” in tournaments with Breakers Black teams.

Breakers Black will preserve the unique aspect of Breakers that enables players to “play-up” with older teams, girls to play with boys teams, and for “Purple” level players to play as guests on “Black” level teams.

Breakers Black Selection

During tryouts the Breakers coaches will evaluate players for potential participation in Breakers Black. Players are eligible starting at U8 and older. At the conclusion of tryouts, individual invitations will be made as part of a player’s acceptance to the Breakers. Throughout the season, players from our Purple and White teams who elevate to demonstrate the required skill, motivation and maturity needed may be invited to join Breakers Black, or to visit as a guest at practice and/or games.


Participation in Breakers Black will involve an additional cost of $500. This fee covers the extra 60 training sessions provided by the program. Costs for participation in tournaments outside the Fall season will be determined after location selection and will be in addition to the cost above. We will offer need- and merit-based scholarships for Breakers Black players. As is our philosophy, we make every effort to ensure no qualified player will be turned away because of financial need.