Getting started with TeamSnap


TeamSnap is the communication platform for the club and all of our teams as of June 2016. Member families receive an invitation to join TeamSnap, which must be accepted in order for member families to gain access to club and team communications and schedules. Please note that:

  • Invitations are sent to one email address associated with a player’s account (for our younger players this email address is that of one of the player’s parents).
  • Invitations are specific to a team as well as your role on the team, so if you get multiple invitations you must accept each one to stay informed on what is happening in all your teams (you should expect multiple invitations if you have more than one player in the club, if one of your players is in more than one team at the same time, if you are a manager in addition to being a parent, or if you are a coach with multiple teams).

Two important steps to complete for each invitation you accept:

  1. Grant shared access for both parents so that each parent can log into TeamSnap to manage their player’s account using their own username and password instead of sharing the player’s username and password (more information here). There is no need to add an adult to the player’s account to accomplish this as each player already has both parents linked to his/her account (simply edit the existing parent account to grant access).
  2. Enable mobile phone numbers to receive text by selecting your wireless carrier (more information here).


Send us an email if you have any questions!