Practice Guidelines - 2021

Per State and County guidelines, Breakers practices will be held as follows.  Our COVID Site Specific Plan has been submitted to and approved by all schools/fields where we are currently practicing.

1.         Trainers will only have one group of 14 or fewer players for each program;

2.         Players will remain 6 feet apart during practice sessions;

3.         Player temperatures will be taken upon arrival at each practice;

4.         Trainers and players will wear masks to and from and during all practice sessions;

5.         Trainers will sanitize equipment before and after each practice;

6.         Players and trainers will be required to use hand sanitizer before and after each practice.

Player responsibilities:

1.         No player is required to attend trainings if they have health concerns.  Notify your coach about your plans by keeping team snap availability updated;

2.         If you or someone in your household tests positive or show symptoms of the coronavirus or covid-19, do not attend training, notify your coach and notify the club at Notifying us is critical as we endeavor to stem any possible transmission through contact tracing.

3.         Prior to all trainings, self-assess by taking temperature and be aware of any symptoms.  If player has a temperature of 100 degrees or higher notify the club and do not attend training.

4.         At the fields, do not socialize with other groups, Breakers or otherwise. Your group must remain static and isolated.

5.         Do use the hand sanitizer and disinfectant provided by the coaches when you arrive and leave trainings.

6.         Players may not participate in more than two cohorts/camps at a time.

Parent responsibilities:

1.         Do not carpool to and from trainings with persons from outside your household/social circle.

2.         We ask that parents do not enter the playing fields nor remain gathered at the fields during trainings.  If you must remain at a field, practice social distance with others and wear a face covering.

3.         Prior to all trainings, aid in the self-assessment of your player by taking their temperature and looking for any symptoms.  If they have a temperature in excess of 100 degrees, notify your coach and do not attend training.

As the state is at a balancing point about opening up or re-closing, be vigilant.  Marin County Health and Human Services (HHS) is monitoring carefully the changing virus landscape and we will follow their instructions the moment anything changes.  Currently HHS has expressed confidence that transmission between youth is highly limited and outdoor activity is the safest.  That said, circumstances from outside our sector may mandate revised restrictions. The best we can do is all do our best following the sensible safety measures and precautions we have.