Team Manager Responsibilities

  1. Handle team binder with player passcards and medical waivers,
  2. Transcribe games from GotSoccer into TeamSnap,
  3. Encourage all players to update availability every few days on team snap,
  4. Report expected attendance to coach ahead of matches,
  5. Generate match reports for home games and present to referees for game check-in,
  6. Report scores for NorCal regular season and State Cup games,
  7. Fill out Game Report after NorCal regular season and State Cup games (account type = Team, use GotSoccer credentials to log in),
  8. Perform tournament check-in as instructed by Tournament Directors,
  9. Make arrangements for travel and accomodations as necessary.


GotSoccer login credentials provided by Birgit

GotSoccer manual and NorCal how-to's:


Activities the club does that do NOT require team manager support

  1. Scheduling of games
  2. Assignment of referees for home games
  3. Handling of player information in Kyck
  4. Tweak rosters in TeamSnap (any changes to a team roster in TeamSnap should only be performed by club administration)