The Breakers have had a formal scholarship and financial aid program for years. In fact, last year we granted scholarships to 47 players. Our creed is to try and never deny a player the opportunity to play due to financial constraints.

This year we are thrilled to introduce a 10% increase in the funds we set aside for our scholarship program. We fully understand that having multiple kids in multiple activities adds up quick, so please don’t be shy about applying, as a partial scholarship may be all you need to make the numbers work for your family.

We’ve also streamlined the application process. What was once a 10-page application has been whittled down to 5. You can access the financial aid application here.

In order to be considered, all applications for financial aid must be submitted by May 31st by 6 pm.

And of course you’ll want to register for Breakers Tryouts which are set for May 11th, 18th and 19th.

If you have any questions about the Breakers financial aid program please email Breakers finance manager, Angie Calpestri at