Marin is a hotbed of multi-sport athletes. And here at Breakers we’re fully supportive. The benefits to players bodies, mind and spirit is unmistakeable. Supporting multi-sport athletes is a key element of the Breakers philosophy.

There’s no question our Fall season demands a full commitment to your Breakers soccer team. But come Winter and Spring, our goal is to provide enough training and games that your multi-sport athlete can “stay in touch” with soccer, while focusing on their other sport. That means winter futsal teams with large enough rosters that several kids can miss any one game, and the team is still good to go. Even if you’re a skier and need to be in the mountains from December to March, that’s fine. But we do expect your strong legs and core to make an impact come Fall! And with the Sierra’s notoriously fickle snowpack…we’re pretty sure you’ll drop in for a game here and there.

New next year will be indoor winter training and scrimmage sessions available for players as their schedules allow. In Spring League we carry very large rosters to allow for up to 50% of team rosters to be off playing another sport on any given weekend. And new next year will be Spring training sessions available on several days during the week so athletes can jump in when it fits their schedule.

We believe this sets the right tone for athletes in our community. And for those players who have decided to fully-commit to soccer, or who have some downtime between sports…the sky is the limit.