As I chat with parents leading up to our upcoming tryouts I’ve had time to really reflect on what Breakers is all about and put it into words. It was surprisingly easy. There is much behind each of the selected words. I encourage you to explore the links behind each.

Breakers is a specialized club for multi-sport athletes who want to learn to play soccer with unmatched determination, creativity, and passion – in a devoted community.

Multi-sport. We’re a unique club that’s willing to fully embrace the multi-sport athlete. Even our highest level teams are designed such that in Winter and Spring our players can make another sport “primary”, while still having enough soccer training and games available that they can stay sharp by jumping in when their schedule permits.

Determination. Early on in their development, Breakers players learn how to battle for the ball. Breakers never give up, as our opponents can attest. “If you lose the ball, get it back!” is a frequent refrain among coaches of the younger players. The life lesson is obvious. The impact during a game and a lifetime of playing is too.

Creativity. Our younger players are taught to be fearless players. That means they are rewarded for taking risks. Failure is met with encouragement. And this outlook is demanded of our coaches, players and especially parents. We do not lock our younger players into overly-organized “systems” of play. That comes later at U13 and above. Until then, we want our players feeling reckless and free as they put the skills they learn in practice to the test in games.

Passion. Perhaps this should be listed first. Perhaps this is the only item that should be on this list? Breakers play with passion. They love practice, they love games and they love their teammates. This is a game and we will never forget that. And for kids to stick with it through middle school and high school they must love the game. We know repetition is key when training our players, but we will never not grind players down with drills.

Community. We are not a soccer factory. Never will be. Our goal is to build cohesive teams that stick together. That eat together. Travel together and play awesome soccer together. And we fight to keep our teams together. There is a lot of athletic talent in Ross Valley and it’s a great community to play in.